Summer School


Join us for an International programme devoted to the Year’s Topic: Artificial Intelligence.

Learn, meet and discover how to manage technology contracts and issues.

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ITLL Summer School

The Innovation and Technology Law Summer School addresses emerging issues in the field of technology law, namely exploring the interface between computer science and law and the significant role that law plays in promoting innovation.

The Summer School provides participants the opportunity to attend one of Europe’s oldest universities, exchange ideas related to law, technology and innovation in an international environment, and experience cultural outings in a small group setting in Padova and nearby Venice (read: 10 reasons to stay in Padova or know more about UniPD.).

ITLL Summer School 2019 – 2nd Edition

2019 Programme and Academic Board

Participants said

“The programme was really very well organised. It focused on the main and most intense discussed topics of IT Law”

“I enjoyed meeting various professionals and some students from around the globe and learned inside the class and outside”

“I have enjoyed my stay in Padua and the summer school. It is a nice experience to keep myself updated of legal topics, visit a new place, talk to like mind legal and exchange ideas”
“I’ve very satisfied with the programme. It was everything I expected of it and more and I would very much like to attend again”

ITLL Summer School 2018 – 1st Edition

2018 Programme and Academic Board