Digital Law Network


Founded in 2019 by ITLL and IRDi, the Digital Law Network (DLN) is an international group of Academic Institutions with a common research focus on legal implications of digitalisation, in particular in the field of Business Law. With a view to advice future policy- and rulemaking both at the national and at the European level, we also share the common vision that such research needs to take the economic, social and ethical effects of digitalisation into account as well.

DLN foster cross-border networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration both within its membership and with the broader legal, political and business communities.

For these purposes, the members of DLN cooperate in Comparative Research Projects on legal questions of digitalisation, for instance on the impact of artificial intelligence, online platforms or distributed ledger technologies. Moreover, the members of DLN aim at organizing joint events in this field, for instance Academic Conferences, Summer Schools or Workshops for early-career scholars and professionals. They also facilitate mutual exchanges of their academic members, for example in the form of research visits or visiting fellowships. Eventually, they aim at disseminating their research output in the form of a joint Working Paper Series or a similar form of publications.

DLN's international events, publications and programs will engage DLN members to advise, train and mentor the various legal, political and business players in the emerging field of digitalisation research.

Through publication, partnership and speaking opportunities DLN advocates for the crucial importance of legal research on digital transformation for the society of the digital age.



Prof. Claudia Sandei, University of Padova (ITLL)

Prof. Florian Moslein, University of Marburg (IRDI)