ITLL Challenge

The Student Challenge is a 2-Days undergraduate student competition designated to provide students with a deeper understanding of the legal challenges arisen by the development of technology.

ITLL Student Challenge is a sort of “Legal Hackathon”, during which students will be asked to solve a complex business/tech law problem that might arise in everyday law practice. Divided into Teams, each supported by a Mentor, participants will be given one day and half to hack the solution. Teams will then be asked to present it before a panel of judges consisting of professors and practitioners coming from top law firms. Each Team will be asked to analyse a specific problem (sort by ballot).

Challenge participants will be evaluated on their research, analysis, persuasiveness, and oral/writing ability. The best Team wins an internship in the Partner Law Firms.

The Competition is a great way for law students to showcase their knowledge in a real-world setting and gain valuable exposure to the law community and is opened to all law students resident in Veneto (Italy).

There are a limited number of spots available for this event (cap of 5 Teams). To apply send and email to

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ITLL Challenge 2019 – Official Video


ITLL Challenge 2019 – Gallery